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Get unstuck and accelerate your Mandarin learning progress today!

Have you been feeling stuck and frustrated with your current Mandarin learning progress?

You’ve done your own research and tried different methods or resources hoping to overcome your current learning roadblocks, but you still couldn’t quite figure it out…

Feeling stuck may sound like this...

Stop wasting time trying to figure things out on your own, it’s time to ask an expert for help and finally move forward to make noticeable progress!

Think of it this way, you’re currently at point A, and you’re trying to get to point B, which is your language goal, but you’re just not sure what to do to move closer to your point B. Maybe you’ve Googled and tried different resources and methods, but it seems that no matter what you try, it still feels like you’re not moving any closer to your point B.

This is exactly what this Mandarin Strategy Call is for!

During this 60-minute call, we’ll help you get clear on your point A and point B, as well as help you diagnose the roadblocks that are hindering your from moving towards your point B. Then we’ll work together to create personalized strategies and actionable steps to help you overcome your specific roadblocks and finally move forward to make noticeable progress.

What’s included in the call?

60-minute Intensive Call

During the call, we’ll dive into where you’re at and your language goals, then we’ll diagnose the roadblocks that are hindering you from moving forward in your Mandarin learning progress.

Personalized Strategies, Tools & Resources

We’ll work together to create personalized strategies that you can implement on your own. You’ll also walk away with helpful resources and practical tools to help you overcome your current Mandarin learning roadblocks.

Video Recording

We’ll go over many key points, strategies and solutions during the call. With access to the session video recording, you’ll be able to go back and implement what we discussed at your own pace.

1-Week Exclusive Message Support

After the call, you’ll have exclusive access to your personal language coach through private messages, you can ask any follow-up questions you may have while implementing what we discussed in the call.

Limited spots available every month, secure your spot today!

Love from my students!


What will you get out of the call?

Personalized Strategies & Actionable Steps

Everyone has unique language goals and learning needs. With personalized strategies and actionable steps, you'll be able to overcome your specific learning roadblocks with less frustration and more ease, and finally make noticeable progress.

Increased Clarity & Motivation

You’ll gain clarity on the roadblocks that are hindering you from growth, and with more clarity, it’ll increase your motivation to focus on what actually needs to be done to move towards your Mandarin learning goals.

Confidence Moving Forward

When you know what to do and how to do it, you'll start gaining more confidence. As your confidence increases, you'll start growing in ways that you never thought possible, which further empowers you to overcome roadblocks and move forward.

Limited spots available every month, secure your spot today!

How to get started?

Step 1

Select a date & time that work for you.

Step 2

Fill out a short questionnaire.

Step 3

Make your payment of $79 USD.

Step 4

Show up to your call and accelerate you learning progress!


What makes Lingua & Beyond different?

As Lingua & Beyond’s creator, I have a wealth of experience in language teaching and coaching. I believe that successful language learning isn’t just about acquiring the vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar, it’s also about learning how to learn a language efficiently based on your unique goals and preferences. Through the Beyond System, you’ll not only grow towards fluency effectively but also achieve learner independence.

How do I know if this is for me?

This Mandarin Strategy Call is for you if:

• You’re a Mandarin learner at any level

• You’ve been feeling stuck and unsure what to do to overcome the hurdle

• You need an expert to look at your current language learning process and progress, and help you diagnose what’s really going on

• You need expert guidance and feedback to help you overcome your current roadblocks and move forward

Is this a language lesson?

This isn’t a language lesson where you learn new vocabulary and work on your language skills. This Mandarin Strategy Call is about identifying and diagnosing your current language learning roadblocks through an engaging conversation. Of course, you’ll also walk away with expert guidance, helpful resources and actionable steps to help you overcome your specific roadblocks and move forward.

What do I need to prepare prior to the call?

In order for this 60-minute call to be as productive as possible, preparing 3-5 questions prior to the call is recommended, and you won’t need to provide the questions ahead of the time. During the call, you’ll have time to share your personal language goals and roadblocks, then we’ll help you diagnose and overcome your roadblocks.

How do I know if I need a Mandarin Strategy Call or your Mandarin Accelerator Program?

The Mandarin Accelerator Program is a 3-month transformative program that focuses on long-term growth. It includes curated Mandarin lessons, coaching sessions, weekly customized learning plans and so much more. This Mandarin Strategy Call is a 60-minute call designed to help you get unstuck and accelerate your current language learning progress.

Let's go Beyond together & achieve long-term growth!

Got questions?

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