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Your solution to fluency and consistent long-term growth!

A 3-month transformative program customized based on your specific language goals, learning needs and personal roadblocks

To reach fluency, you’ll need to grow your Mandarin skills, build unwavering confidence, and cultivate sustainable, effective learning habits and mindset. Without any of these elements, it’ll take you A LOT longer to reach fluency. But how do you achieve all these while juggling other tasks in your life?

Studying HARD is not the answer to fluency, studying SMART is.

Does this sound like you? You’ve tried to improve your Mandarin through online courses, YouTube videos or even private tutors, but you’re still not making the progress you desire… this is not only frustrating but also demotivating. Now you’re feeling defeated and not sure what else to do to move forward. If you want to save time and start making consistent progress, then the Mandarin Accelerator Program is for you!

Language Mastery

Enhance your vocabulary and pronunciation, boost your grammatical accuracy, and understand cultural nuances in communication, so you can strengthen your Mandarin skills and use it more effectively and accurately on your own.

True Confidence

Confidence reduces your fear of making mistakes and encourages you to overcome challenges. Through practical exercises and effective language coaching, we’ll not only help enhance your mindset but also help you build unwavering confidence.

Understand Your Unique Learning Preferences

Understand what learning approach works for you and learn how to create a language learning routine based on your time constraints. This will enable you to learn more efficiently without constantly feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.

Build Effective Learning Habits & Mindset

Through the weekly customized learning plans, you'll learn how to build effective learning habits and a growth mindset, which will empower you to stay motivated, overcome any learning challenges and make consistent progress.

Strengthened Learning Skills

The learner-centered approach will help strengthen your learning skills such as problem-solving, goal-setting, self-reflection, critical thinking and much more, enabling you to move towards fluency with less frustration and more ease.

Learner Independence

Gain the necessary knowledge and tools to help you maintain your focus, motivation and consistency, so you can continue self-studying efficiently, without constantly relying on teachers or courses, even after your time with Lingua & Beyond.

The Mandarin Accelerator Program is not just a program that helps you improve your Mandarin skills, it’s also a transformative experience to help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself as a Mandarin learner. Once you understand your unique language goals and learning preferences, only then you’ll be able to achieve consistent long-term growth and reach fluency without going in circles.

Limited spots available every month, secure your spot today!

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What's included in the program?

You’ll be working with a personal Mandarin coach who’s dedicated to helping you improve your Mandarin skills and overcome challenges by adapting to your specific needs and progress.

1 initial assessment & mapping 1:1 session (value $100)

Kickstart with assessing where you’re at and diving into your personal language goals, learning needs and roadblocks, then we’ll create an initial customized learning roadmap for you.

Personalized learning materials, resources & tools (value $300)

Everyone learns differently and has unique language goals. These personalized learning materials, resources and tools will ensure you learn Mandarin and achieve your goals efficiently.

12 weekly curated live 1:1 Mandarin lessons (value $1200)

The 60-minute Mandarin lessons are tailored to your specific language goals and learning needs to help you develop your Mandarin proficiency in an engaging and constructive learning environment.

Weekly customized learning strategies & plans (value $600)

It takes time to create a sustainable and effective learning system that works for you, this is why we’ll keep refining your learning strategies and plans every week throughout this 3-month Mandarin Accelerator Program.

3 monthly transformative 1:1 coaching sessions (value $300)

The coaching sessions provide additional accountability and a safe-space for you to dive deeper into your personal challenges, ensuring you’re firmly on track towards your desired language goals.

3 months of exclusive message/email support (value $600)

Communication and support shouldn’t end in the classroom, they should also be provided outside of the classroom. Whatever guidance or feedback you need, you’ll have private access to your Mandarin coach through messages and emails.

You’ll get all these for

$997 USD

Original Value $3,100

Payment plan available, see FAQ for details.

Getting started is simple

Wondering about how this program will help you achieve your specific language goals?

Book a Discovery Call with me!

Step 1

Select a date & time that work for you.

Step 2

Fill out a short questionnaire.

Step 3

Show up to your Discovery Call.

Step 4

Get ready to improve your Mandarin like never before!

Limited spots available every month, secure your spot today!

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I’m here to answer all the questions you have before you commit.

What makes this program unique and different?

Break free from traditional learning approach, this 3-month Mandarin Accelerator Program is like having a personal trainer for language learning. The entire program is customized based on your specific language level, goals and learning needs. This learner-centered approach empowers and equips you to develop learner independence, enabling you to achieve long-term growth in your Mandarin learning journey.

How do I know if this program is right for me?

This program is for you if:

•  you’re a Mandarin learner who’s current level is between A1-B2.
•  you’re looking to improve your Mandarin skills (speaking, listening, reading, writing, conversational skills, etc.).
•  you need help with finding what language learning approach and tools work for you.
•  you need guidance, structure and accountability from an expert.
•  you want a learner-centered, engaging and creative language learning experience in the comfort of your home.

What's the time commitment?

For the best learning experience and outcomes, you’ll have to commit at least 3 hours per week for 3 months. The 3 hours can include but not limited to Mandarin lesson, coaching session, self-studying at home and additional communication with your personal language coach.

You’ll also be able to schedule and reschedule all your sessions based on the time of your convenience, making your language learning experience less stressful and more flexible.

How do I know if I need the full program or your Mandarin Strategy Call?

The Mandarin Strategy Call is a 60-minute call that’s great for Mandarin learners who have been facing smaller roadblocks and don’t know how to overcome them. Oftentimes, learners don’t even realize how much they actually need to change! This 3-month Mandarin Accelerator Program is comprehensive and transformative, it not only helps you develop your Mandarin skills but also helps you achieve learner independence. This program is your go-to for efficient long-term growth!

Is payment plan available?

The payment plan is $379 USD per month for a total of 3 months.

Let's go Beyond together & achieve long-term growth!

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