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As the creator of Lingua & Beyond, I’m dedicated to helping Mandarin learners build the skillset, confidence, and mindset to achieve consistent long-term growth.

I created the Beyond System with the aim to break free from the traditional learning approach and break down barriers of learning Mandarin by taking a holistic approach to help you achieve your unique language goals and reach fluency.

Language learning that meets you where you're at & Beyond!

Your personal Mandarin coach

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There’s no one language learning approach that fits all, this is why I aim to help you find what works for YOU. Let’s help you develop your Mandarin skills with unwavering confidence and achieve consistent long-term growth efficiently!


Discovery Session

Learn how you can achieve your desired learning outcomes through my unique and transformative language learning approach and Beyond System.

Curated Language Lessons

Grow your Mandarin skills and understand cultural nuances through a creative, engaging and constructive learning environment.

Transformative Coaching

Dive deeper into yourself as a language learner and understand what approaches work for you through effective language coaching and practical exercises.

Strategies, Tools & Resources

Receive expert guidance, personalized strategies and practical tools to help you learn Mandarin efficiently and achieve consistent long-term growth.

Key learning outcomes when working with Lingua & Beyond:

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Let's go Beyond together & achieve long-term growth!

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