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Learn how my journey to America led me to Lingua & Beyond!


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From Taiwan to America

Growing up in Taiwan, I had always yearned to experience the freedom of the American school life, I mean, who would want to grow up under a traditional and high-pressure education system?! So at the age of 15, I embarked on a life-changing journey by leaving Taiwan and moving to the United States.

With limited knowledge of English, I experienced firsthand the struggles of learning a new language and immersing myself into a new culture.

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Building Confidence through the Uncomfortable

I thought moving to the US meant rapid growth towards fluency, but in reality, it took me another 7 years to reach fluency! I often avoided situations where I had to speak English, ordering food, going to the bank or even just simply saying hi to friends and teachers, the language barriers always created so much anxiety for me. On top of my language anxiety, the learning resources back then also weren’t as easily accessible like they are today. For a very long time, I just couldn’t figure out how to make progress consistently and to reach fluency faster. 

I’ve now lived in the US for over 15 years, as time passed, I persevered, adapted and grew. I not only overcame my language barriers, but also found my passion in helping others to do the same. I aim to change the way language is learned through a holistic and transformative approach.

Going Beyond

During my first two years of teaching Mandarin, I learned that many Mandarin learners struggle with finding their own effective ways to make consistent progress. This is why I created Lingua & Beyond, with the aim to design and provide comprehensive programs that go beyond mere subject-focused learning approach, empowering learners to achieve learner independence and consistent long-term growth.


Before becoming a language coach, I already have proven track record in coaching others into leadership roles at my previous jobs. Combined with a wealth of language teaching experience, I have cultivated a distinctive expertise that sets my approach apart in guiding learners like you towards language mastery.

Certified learning

I’m constantly growing my skills and knowledge in areas that help me become a more trusted language coach. I believe constantly growing myself allows and equips me to help Mandarin learners more effectively. My certifications include the IATCSOL Certificate and TQUK Diploma in TCSOL (L3), which further solidify my proficiency in the art of language education.

Holistic solutions

Language learning isn’t just about acquiring the language, it’s also about understanding yourself as a language learner, so you can figure out what works for you in order to make your learning process less overwhelming and more efficient. I’ll help you grow your language skills and strengthen your confidence, mindset and learning skills through Beyond System.

Through Lingua & Beyond, you'll experience a unique blend of language learning and personal development.


Break free from the constraints of traditional learning approach and enjoy an holistic language learning experience.

The comprehensive Beyond System, not only focuses on growing your language skills, but also incorporates transformative language coaching, empowering you to achieve sustainable long-term growth.

Let's go Beyond together & achieve long-term growth!

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