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Learn what makes Lingua & Beyond unique and your go-to choice for personal Mandarin coach

Beyond System consists of 6 fundamental values that enable you to achieve consistent long-term growth efficiently:


Unlike traditional learning approach which is often one-way and directive, you and your personal language coach will form a dynamic and supportive partnership through honest communication, exchanging feedback, co-creating strategies, empowering you to achieve your language goals and long-term growth more efficiently.


With hands-on activities, such as games, role-plays, multimedia resources, and cultural immersion, you’ll not only learn to use Mandarin in natural contexts but also foster deeper understanding, retention and cultural awareness. These creative learning methods also make the process more enjoyable, which motivate you to stay engaged and committed.


Learn to make the most out of your time and effort through goal-setting, constructive feedback and self-reflection, which further help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself as a language learner. You’ll also learn to track your own progress and maintain your motivation to ensure you’re firmly on track towards your language goals in a way that works for you.


Enjoy a Mandarin learning experience made just for you! Based on your unique language goals and learning needs, your personal language coach will create personalized Mandarin lessons and activities that are relevant and practical to you, while adapting the pace and difficulty accordingly based on your learning progress.


Acquiring a new language is already challenging enough, and dealing with low confidence on top of this makes it even more overwhelming. This is why we also focus on helping you build unwavering confidence through effective language coaching and practical exercises, empowering you to take risks and overcome any learning challenges.


Through understanding, patience, and encouragement, you’ll learn to grow your Mandarin skills in an inspiring and supportive learning atmosphere. Your personal language coach will also adapt to your comfort level accordingly and provide a safe space that enables you to navigate through learning challenges and embrace enthusiasm.

Beyond System is your unconventional key to fluency and long-term growth in the areas that matter most to you.


How did you create Beyond System?

Lingua & Beyond’s creator, Jenny, has a wealth of experience in coaching others to develop better skills and achieve their goals. Before becoming a language coach, Jenny supervised and coached many employees into leadership roles at her previous jobs.

Now that she’s taught and coached over 120 Mandarin and English learners, she utilizes her combined experiences to create the Beyond System — a system that’s not only unique but also effective in helping language learners achieve long-term growth.

What makes Beyond System unique and effective?

Traditional language learning & teaching approach is often one-way and subject-focused, making the learning process restrictive and less engaging. On the other hand, the Beyond System is all about helping you find what works for YOU through collaborative partnership, customized approach, creative learning and transformative language coaching.

Through the Beyond System, you’ll not only learn how to grow your language skills effectively, but also gain a deeper understanding of yourself as a language learner, which further empowers you to achieve learner independence. Say goodbye to frustration and roadblocks, say hello to efficient long-term growth with our Beyond System!

How do you incorporate Beyond System in your services?

Beyond System consists of 6 values that are the foundation of Lingua & Beyond’s services. No matter which service you choose, these fundamental values are incorporated into your learning experience, helping you to grow your language skills and achieve long-term growth efficiently.

Let's go Beyond together & achieve long-term growth!

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